The thing about web hosting is that they are a dime-a-dozen; nowadays, you can get web hosting for your website(s) in all shapes, sizes and price-points.

Competition is awesome, right? It drives prices down and increases the level of service. Indeed, thanks to what is now an ultra-competitive market, you can find super cheap web hosting to host one or more of your websites very easily. I’ve seen hosting packages start for as less as a couple of dollars-a-month!

But cheap is not always a good option; in fact, it rarely is.

From random and extended downtimes to crappy customer service, websites hosted on cheap web hosting services end up losing big time.
This is why I always recommend people not to give precedence to the money paid when it comes to choosing web hosting.

Before going for cheap or expensive web hosting service, look for the following in a good web host or a web hosting service:

  1. It should fulfill your needs: Do a requirements assessment before taking the plunge. Usually, shared hosting is a better option any new website. However if you expect to get a lot of traffic, or want to host a large multi-media rich website, it might be a good idea to invest in dedicated, VPS or cloud-based web hosting solutions. IP Media, for instance, offers all kinds of solutions.

  1. It should be reliable: In terms of their quality of services, after-sales service, up-times, and so on and so forth. Stick with reputable and well-known names – they are reputable and well-known for a reason!

  1. It should offer unlimited bandwidth, hosting space and domains: I absolutely love IP Media due to this reason: even their cheapest, basic shared hosting package comes with all these unlimited goodies. What this means is that you’ll never need to worry about your bandwidth running out, or if, for instance, you plan on hosting multiple websites on the same host down the road and discover that your plan/hosting doesn’t allow you to do so. I like the freedom of unlimited!
  2. It should have a user-friendly back-end/control-panel: If you’re planning on managing your business or personal website your own self, be prepared to spend enough time in the hosting’s control panel. That is yet another area where IP Media excels: you get an excellent, user-friendly UI that has a very short learning curve, even for those unfamiliar with such things.

  1. It should provide you with responsive technical support: With IP Media, you have the option of getting in touch with a tech-team through various methods: email, phone or live-chat. I’ve been using IP Media for a while, and I absolutely love the fact that they are prompt when it comes to providing assistance, and generally very helpful. They make it a point to solve your problem, the person on the other end will do his best to provide any and all aid and assistance, and they are also quite professional.

  1. It should provide value to your money: A good web hosting company will provide you excellent value-for-the-buck!

I hope this article will help those trying to find a web hosting provider for their new or existing websites. Do check out my in-depth review on this great web hosting service here, and don’t forget to leave your feedback as well!

Over the last few years, we have seen massive changes coming and going in the world of web design. I am having few hunches as to what trends which would fade away and which should flourish. The pattern of website design will include things, which are simple, interesting and sure to engage the audience.

A perfect website should include all the things, which are sure to grab the audience's attention. Some trends, which were previously dominant are fading away and those, which are sure to keep a mark are here to stay.

You need effective designing services from a leading web design company, as the designers and developers, there will be highly aware of all the conditions and trends which are ongoing.
We have seen the World Wide Web changing drastically and it’s for good. The focus has not only shifted to fulfil the purpose of increasing the sales but enhancing the overall user experience. These upcoming trends are not only appropriate for your website redesign or to hit the target audience, but help you create your own effective and appealing website to reach efficiently to your visitors. Not all the trends are of use, but there is no harm to have the knowledge about what was there and what will be. Follow the ones that suit you and can assist you to hit the target market that you care about. Some newly emerged trends are here as follows:

Blurred Backgrounds through Web Designing

Blurred Backgrounds are the in thing nowadays. A perfectly cool trend which has come up with the increased usage of blurred backgrounds. The overlay design trend and the idea of the current interface overlaying on the top of the previous one. This background is cool in appearance and consists of a great nonlinear gradient. Not only this pattern is unique to look at, but also may attract more audience with ease.

Simple Animation

Another major trend, which has predominantly arrived after the advent of iOS 7, is simple animations. We are not asking you to not favor animations, but not favor too much of it in your website as it may lead to more digressions than actually desired. Simple bubbles or gestures, chat bubbles bumping into each other may help to create a unique effect and assuredly grab more user attention than your competitive sites. The animations transitions slowly and not just stick at one place and result in a creation of something new.

Extended forms

With the rise of minimalism and simplicity, we have seen the rise of the extended forms, more used on the internet. The world of website designs has faced many changes, but opting for services from a reputed web design company in Delhi NCR might result into something better. The shorter the forms are, more likely is they to be filled and submitted.

Fixed headers

All the fixed headers are there to be among the category bars at the top, which will be fixed to help the user track down his way. Fixed headers fall under the category of hot trends, mainly for the content rich websites and has apparently made the user navigation easier than before. One does not even require you to scroll back to the top in order to find your way.

 Mobile responsive web design

Responsive web design streamlines the process of designing a website, meant for both portable devices like mobiles, tablets and even desktops and laptops. Not only will it provide the same view without the need to zoom or enlarge the whole page, but also allows the visitor to navigate the pages easily.

The need of Web Development: Increasing popularity of the internet hand in hand with the increasing number of   mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and iPad's have made the businesses to integrate modern marketing medium along with traditional marketing medium to reach the niche market.
The one who offers the best brand experience to their customers alone could succeed in the competitive market. This has made the business enterprises to make an ideal choice while selecting their web development company to deliver the organisation’s message to the ultimate customer in a more effective and efficient manner.
The Web Development Company, developing the website acts as the partner of the company. It offers various services like:

  • Designing the website
  • SEO services to content management
  • Designing the company logo and other similar services

Which helps the company to capture the market and build the brand loyalty towards the online trade.
Nowadays, many website development companies are mushrooming all over the place. Although there are hundreds of web development companies but only few who match the business need to their services. Some qualities need to be considered while going to make a choice for a good web development company.

Longevity of  Web Development Company:

An efficient, effective and experienced web development company would offer long-term services, satisfying different needs of its customers contributing different sectors of the industry. Only such company that offers the best services to its clients alone could stand long in the field.


A good web development company has to be highly responsive to its client round the clock and across the globe. This is because companies do face intricacies in different stages of the web development processes and even after its execution. Therefore, the web host has to cater to these obstacles to ensure its smooth functioning.

Listening and interpretation:

An efficient web development company works smarter than harder to bring out a successful output to match the business goals with efficient functionalities. Such a company would take the time to put forth so many questions to figure out its exact needs rather than simply acting as per the laid down instructions.

Recommending suggestions:

The web development company possesses thorough knowledge about the web technology and the web standards. Joining hands with such a company recommending their valid suggestions along with explanations, in case if a bad idea has been asked to accomplish would ensure only best practices are being rigged out.

Comprehensive services:

A web development company that is well proficient in handling the multiple aspects of the whole project such as planning, designing, developing and testing would be able to stake out different approaches throughout the different phases of the life span of the project would be a better choice.

Cost effective services:

A good web development company would enable its clients to get more of its quality services at their modest prices. Although affordability varies from one company to another company, it should not encompass in the quality of the service being offered.

Track Record:

A preview of the track records of the reputed client lists of
the web development company would be helpful in determining the standards of the service being offered by them. Their reliability, accessibility and flexibility towards their customer satisfaction would help in evaluation and decision making.


A web development company should offer room for the future growth of the company. Any company acquires rapid growth from the stage of its installation. Therefore, the solutions offered must be scalable enough for rapid updating and up gradation since transferring from one host to another involves a lot of time and money.

Selecting the right web development company that visualizes the vision of the company alone would lead them in the path of success. IP Media is the one stop for all your solution to web development.
Search Engine Optimization also as SEO is a sole process through which your brand can get the majority of visibility at a minimal investment. The idea is to slot in keywords or pertinent search words in all the content that will be visible on the internet. By doing so, you are actually needlecraft your content to show up each time a potential customer triggers a search around the world.
Basically, the perception works on mastering the power of the internet. Thanks to the World Wide
Web, we have  admittance to all information at our fingers tips literally. So in this cutthroat scenario, how do you make certain that consumers come to see for the information that you are contributing. At this point, Search Engine Optimization plays a vital role in the rescue of brands.

The complete process initiated by identifying the correct keywords that make a metamorphosis to your brand.

Once we comprehend the subject, the next field of focus is to recognize the keywords. Depending on the facility that you are giving, you have to recognize keywords. This needs intense research and so hiring an SEO company in India which will help you do the job.
Below is some points to keep in mind when you are appointing SEO Company India:

Check for experience:

While you are appointing an SEO company, appointing nonprofessional will not help. You need proficient hands to do the Work. Check out the previous work of that company and on the basis of that chosen company who suit best to do the job.

Enquire about services:

Many SEO companies out there who assure a lot of things but if you are seriously want to get the work done, you have to be certain to clarify the deliverable at the initiation of the project.

Insist on reviews:

The entire objective of social media campaign is to deliver you the marketer, the power to understand and incorporate changes at frequent intervals. Hence, appointing an agency that permits you to evaluate campaigns frequently. However, they have to be open to the idea of creating modification.

Budgets are important for SEO:

Search Engine Optimization is all about affordability. A suggestion would be to equate the different packages being given by the contender companies. On the basis of that, invest time to select the best which match your budget requirements.

At the end, don’t forget that the campaign has to impress the end consumer. If you notice that is not occurring, it is time to review, rectify and restart. For best SEO service at most affordable price try to consider for IP Media.

In the present scenario of technology, having a website with a correct domain name for your company is vital. A website acts like a two-way  bridge between the company and their client (reach out to your clients and also for your clients to reach out to you). This probably wouldn’t have occurred without technology given the physical extension between you and your clients.
Building a website is usually an uncomplicated task. However, determining the branding of your website or the domain name can be a little thorny if you do not have an idea about what you are going to do.

Selecting a domain name is easy but selecting the right domain name goes a long way in bringing your business a huge success. It's common for businesses to choose domain names that include the nature of the business. For example, if someone has a business of electronic items, then a simple way to select a domain name like Although, at the outset, this may look like a good name but it may not be a right decision for your company’s brand image. While picking a domain name, it's very important to consider whether it 's good enough so that people will remember it and how it is going to rank in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Keyword ranking and website matter are also influenced by your domain name.

Whether your business flourishes only on a website and online marketing or if it is a conventional business, not an impressive online presence, the fact is that the internet acts a major role in establishing a business today. Some use the internet for marketing and promoting only but some use it to even control a whole grocery store! So it is essential to choose the correct domain name to have the correct impression on web visitors and to make your business successful online. Here are some of the things to keep in mind while choosing a domain name for your company.

Do’s for Domain name: 

1. Choose a domain name that is memorable, get attention and is easy to recall.
2. Keep the domain name short. Short domain names with 5-11 characters are easy to remember.
3. Try adding your deseed keyword in your domain name. This will support your website to rank better.
4. Always keep choices open. There could be a possibility that your domain name has already taken.
5. Know the money you should want to pay out on the domain name


1. Do not use multiple keywords in your domain name
2. Before buying a domain name, don’t forget to check its age and rank on Google
3. Don’t select an extension which looks odd in your country.
4. Don’t be in a hurry to conclude on a domain name. Be calm and do your research as well.
5. Don’t choose a domain name based only on your website. Consider the nature of your business and your company image as well.

Often, getting a domain name that is suitable for your business becomes a tricky job; consider the number of people and businesses who will help you to get domain name and haven experience in helping to get a domain name; for now consider 
IP Media, who will not only help you to get your domain name but also help you in building your website. It is always good practice to try different combinations of keywords and choices while working on keeping the domain name short and easy to remember.

It's a thing of past when you had to ask around when searching for some company or services. Now, the internet has the solution for all your questions, whether it is a 5-star hotel, a car service station or even a multiplex, it can help you get whatever you want with just a click of a button. Online search engines like Google and Yahoo are some of the most looked websites on which people find various things.

Looking at the frequent use of the internet and online search engines, most of the companies have initiated various digital marketing processes to attract the eye of customers. These methods help a company to maintain its online image through advertising on various websites. Some examples of digital marketing methods are-

Marketing via Social Media – 

Assigned to help companies market on social media sites. Since these websites are used by people all around world thus promotion on them is very beneficial to connect with the customer on a global level.

Content Marketing- 

Blog posting, writing articles and other written media on different websites to evoke the attention of people. Email marketing is also a part of this.

Search Engine Optimization - 

A new practice that comprehends of different practices that help a company's website to gain a better ranking on the results of the top search engine like Google and Bing.
Above mentioned are just some of the techniques that are incorporated in the field of digital marketing. Even though all of these techniques are very efficient for online marketing, SEO is one of the most commonly used among all. This is because people use search engines to resolve their problems and from the results they normally choose to visit higher ranked sites. Thus, if a company has a better rank on search engine and place on even on the first page of search engine then it has a better chance to attract the most number of visitors.

Why should companies invest in SEO?

  • With the facilities of some top SEO firms, companies can get some of the most valuable results. These processes if employed proficiently can not only help in attaining a higher ranking on search engine results but also provide a variety of other advantages.
  • Since top search engines are more thoroughly used, these processes can help searchers to find your company more easily and thus give an advantage over others.
  • These SEO firms can help build a more user-friendly website- Since on-page SEO techniques are employed on company's website, they help them to look more easily accessible and appealing for visitors. This also helps to increase the probability of converting leads to sales.
  • Brand Image- Normally people estimate top ranked results of a search engine as the good option to look through. Thus, if your company rank higher it will help to enhance your brand image as well into the market.
  • Gathering a wider customer base- With efficient SEO practice in place, whenever anyone searches for related product, your company's website will be there on the results. Thus, it helps to grow an audience base.

The World Wide Web is excelled at for its global potential, the ability to be in touch with someone sitting in village with a dongle, and someone living in a bungalow in New Delhi, has helped in connecting the world together and given potential for various companies to confront international, geographic restrictions and limitation around the globe.
Irrespective of .com capability, some localized businesses are still confined to their local business. This is applicable to businesses that target at niche markets, local manufacturers and specialist retailers who ultimately do business personally and depend on local interest to provide custom. On the other hand, there are some business owners with no desire to push for global appreciation and for small business owners the efforts of trading with a struggling network of international desire can altogether seem less appealing than focusing on delivering a much more localized service devoted to a smaller, but much more particular market.

For example, a group of people runs farmers market in a small town will only produce as much as their land provides. They will be interested in many customized services for their local citizenry who will give relevance to their produce, but they will still need an online existence to appeal and keep the grip of that devoted local market. For such businesses the ability to market to that fellow in the other state is useless, he will never look for the local vegetable produce from a farmers market from any town of another state, by the time the product have been delivered they'll have gone rotten anyway. But farmers from the small town still want an online recognition, they just want it to focus on a more specific market, rather than spoiling time on the customers from the other state.

This is where the importance of a locally dedicated SEO approach comes in.
By learning about the searching practice of specific areas and focusing them, as well as knowing about the local listing sites can help SEO firms customize their work towards a specific audience.
The most common practice of this is by including the exact name of the area being targeted in the keywords. Instead of targeting national wide relevant keywords that not only reach an unnecessary audience but put smaller companies into tougher candidacy with bigger companies.
By knowing how to utilize regional listings like the Yellow Pages and creating links with more pertinent sources will also enhance a specifically targeted SEO campaign.

So Local SEO is the protector of smaller businesses when performed wisely it can allow local businesses to target their cash efficiently into online marketing and find ways around from the completion of major multinational companies.
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