Choosing a Domain Name: Do's and Don'ts....

In the present scenario of technology, having a website with a correct domain name for your company is vital. A website acts like a two-way  bridge between the company and their client (reach out to your clients and also for your clients to reach out to you). This probably wouldn’t have occurred without technology given the physical extension between you and your clients.
Building a website is usually an uncomplicated task. However, determining the branding of your website or the domain name can be a little thorny if you do not have an idea about what you are going to do.

Selecting a domain name is easy but selecting the right domain name goes a long way in bringing your business a huge success. It's common for businesses to choose domain names that include the nature of the business. For example, if someone has a business of electronic items, then a simple way to select a domain name like Although, at the outset, this may look like a good name but it may not be a right decision for your company’s brand image. While picking a domain name, it's very important to consider whether it 's good enough so that people will remember it and how it is going to rank in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Keyword ranking and website matter are also influenced by your domain name.

Whether your business flourishes only on a website and online marketing or if it is a conventional business, not an impressive online presence, the fact is that the internet acts a major role in establishing a business today. Some use the internet for marketing and promoting only but some use it to even control a whole grocery store! So it is essential to choose the correct domain name to have the correct impression on web visitors and to make your business successful online. Here are some of the things to keep in mind while choosing a domain name for your company.

Do’s for Domain name: 

1. Choose a domain name that is memorable, get attention and is easy to recall.
2. Keep the domain name short. Short domain names with 5-11 characters are easy to remember.
3. Try adding your deseed keyword in your domain name. This will support your website to rank better.
4. Always keep choices open. There could be a possibility that your domain name has already taken.
5. Know the money you should want to pay out on the domain name


1. Do not use multiple keywords in your domain name
2. Before buying a domain name, don’t forget to check its age and rank on Google
3. Don’t select an extension which looks odd in your country.
4. Don’t be in a hurry to conclude on a domain name. Be calm and do your research as well.
5. Don’t choose a domain name based only on your website. Consider the nature of your business and your company image as well.

Often, getting a domain name that is suitable for your business becomes a tricky job; consider the number of people and businesses who will help you to get domain name and haven experience in helping to get a domain name; for now consider 
IP Media, who will not only help you to get your domain name but also help you in building your website. It is always good practice to try different combinations of keywords and choices while working on keeping the domain name short and easy to remember.


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